We Can Be Gay Today – A Baltic Pride 2013 documentary

After the shooting of the two commercials, the french institute offered us to come back for the Baltic Pride. We came back, and we made an independant documentary of our experience. Here is the first trailer for it.

“All the empires, the romans, bizantines and babylonians, they died because of that”.
That’s what a member of the parliament has the right to say about homosexuality in Lithuania, while the commercials for the Baltic Pride Parade were banned from TV.
Through the 2013 Baltic Pride in Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania, we show the LGBT* situation in this country.
Vladimir and Tomas, amongst others are dedicating their time, their energy and their knowledge to fight for this cause, facing fiercely opposed politicians.
Can a homosexual person live in Lithuania ?
Is a 24 years-old country with a strong religious community ready to welcome LGBT people ?

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

vlcsnap-2014-07-22-13h35m40s237A documentary directed by François Message & Nathalie Sibille – Sticky Notes Films – 2014

Duration : 61 minutes
Format : HD

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