Los Angeles Urban Film Festival and other news

Hi everyone !

We have been quite silent these past weeks, we have been VERY busy ! And that’s a good thing. So here are a few news :

First, our documentary has been selected at the Los Angeles Urban Film Festival, among several other movies. If it wins, it will be freely available online for 24 hours, so stay tuned !


Also, the DVD of We Can Be Gay Today has been a huge success, we sold more than half of them, so that’s totally amazing ! Thank you everyone, without you it wouldn’t have been possible, you are encouraging us to make more movies like that. For those who haven’t buy it yet, it is still available on our website’s store.


On July the 1st, we had a screening of our documentary at the Homochrom Filmfest in Cologne, Germany : we deeply apologize for the message we recorded to introduce the movie. We were just out of our screening in Riga, and it was the first time we watched it with the people that made it possible : Vladimir, Tomas, the Betty band… So we were really emotional and we think that we were quite bad at this exercise. So thank you for your understanding !

Finally, we haven’t talked much about it on this website because it was a french project, but Sticky Notes Films is coproducing a short film that will be shot next week in Bretagne (north-western France). It is called À l’ombre des choux (which roughly translate as In the shade of the cabbages). It is written and directed by Emma Pelegrino, François Message is the Director of Photography, and it is a musical about a transvestite teenager in the countryside who experiences hatred in his village and his family of farmers, and encounter a group of hippies that help him to be himself. The movie had a very successful crowdfunding campaign, unfortunately we were supposed to be financially helped by several food companies (because a film crew eat a lot !) that backed off when they realized the subject of the movie. There is still a lot to do to achieve equality and tolerance… We will upload pictures of the shooting on this website and on social medias, it will start next thursday !


Finally, we will upload more pictures of the Europride in Riga, the ones you have already seen were taken by François, the next ones will be Nathalie’s !

with love,

the Sticky Notes team.